A secure integrated platform

The EMA system is an enterprise level SQL server based application utilising a fully featured API. This means that it can be integrated into an on-site system so eliminating the risks of data loss in the cloud.

The comprehensive API allows for all processes to be automated, both at the set-up and reporting stage, so that a fully customised risk analytics engine may be developed on the EMA backbone.

With appropriate processing power, thousands of portfolios can be analysed daily, with automatic alerts generated should portfolio characteristics be calculated to be outside set limits.

The risk statistics generated can be transferred in memory to an internal database or saved to EMA’s reporting database, which stores a history of asset-level and portfolio level analytics over time. To view this data in tabular or graphical form EMA supplies a reporting tool which produces an unlimited number of pre-defined or user-configured single or multi-fund reports. The reporting tool can be installed widely in an organisation so that a large number of people have access to the analytics.

In addition, for ad-hoc and in-depth analysis, the system can generate a dynamic Excel workbook that incorporates the underlying risk data and includes a wide range of risk analytic reports. This workbook allows asset weights to be varied and then has the ability to recalculate the risk numbers, so making it easy to carry-out what-if tests without reference back to the core system.

Typically clients use virtualised servers to service the EMA application, providing much of the ease of use of a cloud based system but without the data security issues.