XLSX Master Template

In-depth reporting with what-if capability in familiar XLSX format

In addition to the risk statistics being saved in a database it is possible to configure an analysis to generate a dynamic Excel workbook.

This spreadsheet is generated when a portfolio is analysed and contains a user-selected set of worksheet reports, from among the 50 default options. The defaults include equity, fixed income and multi-asset standard reports. The workbook contains the underlying risk data and calculations within itself so that it operates independently of the EMA Excerpt application.

It is possible for the user to edit the template upon which the analytics are based to change branding or to add additional calculations.

One of the default reports is an editable worksheet containing the portfolio composition. When this sheet is edited to vary the exposures to the various assets the spreadsheet re-calculates the other reports.

The EMA Excel Master Template report is ideal for detailed analysis of an investment portfolio and for getting a handle on the risk effects of possible portfolio trades.

Being in the familiar and portable Excel format it is popular with both risk teams and portfolio managers as an easy way to integrate risk analysis into the investment process.