Excerpt portfolio risk analysis

Full featured API or screen-based control

Excerpt is the application that carries out the various analytical functions of the EMA system. It is comprised of a comprehensive suite of API functions which may be driven by a user interface for ad-hoc purposes or where manual command is preferred.

Use of the API allows for the automation of the entire workflow from asset definitions, through portfolio and benchmark importing to the analysis or optimisation. It can be set to run a single task or a batch consisting of thousands of portfolios for enterprise-wide operation.

The manual entry user interface allows for quick and easy ad-hoc analysis or the modification of any parameter.

The philosophy underpinning the EMA Excerpt application is that it should be open and fully customisable but that it also incorporates a complete range of default settings for simplicity.

Excerpt has five key areas of operation:

  1. System set up
    • This includes file locations, data links, default analysis parameters
  2. Managing the import of user data
    • Portfolios, benchmarks, categories, styles, price histories
  3. Asset set up and definition
    • Bonds, derivatives, user-defined assets
  4. Setting the parameters of a task
    • Analysis or Optimisation, portfolio, benchmark, model, scenarios, attribution characteristics
  5. Executing an analysis or a set of analyses
    • Single run or a batch of tasks

For use of the interface training is provided and familiarity with the key functions can be gained in just a few hours. To support use of the API, EMA will supply sample code to illustrate any desired call.