Peter Ainsworth

Peter is the Managing Director having founded the firm in 1994 with Dr Tim Wilding and Dr Al Stroyny. Previously, he worked for Investec Asset Management as Head of Product Development and for Drexel Burnham Lambert as Manager of Quantitative Marketing. In 1990 he set up Advanced Portfolio Technologies UK Limited to introduce a statistical factor model based risk system to European Asset Managers and also launched FactSet UK Ltd and gained for FactSet its first European clients. Recently, he has applied his expertise in financial uncertainty and capital markets to the problem of how to pay for students to attend University. In his 2014 paper published by the Institute of Economic Affairs he suggested a risk-sharing approach, consistent with the principles underlying Islamic finance, would be preferable to the current loan based system. Peter has a BA in Economics from the University of Cambridge.


Product Development

EMA’s product development is lead by experts in their respective fields.


Dr. Al Stroyny

Recognised as a pioneer in the use of EM algorithms in financial markets, Al has a PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee on ‘Heteroskedasticy and the Estimation of Systemic Risk’ and is the author of the paper ‘Still more on EM Factor Analysis’. He is a former Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Wisconsin and has worked at Yamaichi, Fortis and the Bank of New York. Al is the Chairman of EMA, focusing on theoretical issues and on using Expectations Maximisation algorithms for improved risk modelling and alpha generation.


Dr. Tim Wilding

Tim has a Ph.D. from the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge. He has contributed to financial textbooks; most recently ‘Linear Factor Models in Finance’ by John Knight and Stephen Satchell. Tim’s focus is on designing general purpose estimation routines and proprietary extensions that allow them to be used with different asset classes. Tim is Head of Research and Development and primarily responsible for commercialising Al’s research.


Dr. Ben Woodley

Ben has over 10 years experience of software development in the financial services sector. He has worked previously for SunGard Trading and Risk Systems building pricing models and risk analytics for equity derivatives, convertible bonds and structured products. He has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. Ben is Head of Software Development responsible for turning Al and Tim’s work into easy to use software products.