About Us

EM Applications – EMA – is a provider of sophisticated but easy to use software systems that draw upon the EM Algorithm to help investment professionals profile, understand and manage risk in their investment portfolios.

EMA’s products include systems for analysing and managing single and multi-asset portfolios comprised of equities, debt instruments and derivatives. EMA’s lead product, Excerpt, combines statistical integrity with ease of use to give a better understanding of the risks a portfolio faces under present conditions and possible future scenarios. It then generates trading ideas, turning analysis into action.

EMA has developed a proprietary application of the EM algorithm which it believes has particular advantages for modelling the complex relationships that exist in the investment markets.

Product coverage incorporates virtually all tradeable assets worldwide, from blue chip equities through corporate bonds to complex derivatives.

Since EMA’s beginning in 1994, its commitment to product development has kept it at the forefront of risk modelling, ensuring its models and analytics continue to evolve as the investment markets change.

EMA is part of Sapiat Pte. Ltd. which is headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Japan and the UK.

The company has clients around the world in both developed and emerging markets. Clients are typically Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Wealth Managers, Banks and consulting firms.

EM Applications aims to meet its clients’ needs by making the most robust statistical techniques accessible to investment professionals in asset management, broking, trading, compliance and marketing. To achieve this we focus on ease of use and apply a philosophy of openness throughout the company’s products and services.